Friday, April 13, 2007

Employers are checking online personal information

This news is for people who are posting personal information online and discussing
their problems in their work in their blogs.

Want a job? Clean up your Web act
By Tim Ferguson, Special to CNET

Employers are increasingly checking out online personal information about candidates when making recruitment decisions.

Net reputations built up through online activities--such as blogging, posting videos to YouTube, or using social networks such as Facebook and have a significant effect when applying for a job, according to a report from business social network Viadeo.

According to the research, released March 28, one in five employers finds information about candidates on the Internet, and 59 percent of those said it influences recruitment decisions.

A fourth of human resources decision makers said they had rejected candidates based on personal information found online. Most people, however, remain unaware of the effect their Net reputation can have on their job prospects.


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