Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ex-President Cory Aquino is fighting another battle-cancer

Corazon Aquino, the former Presidentand first Woman President of the Philippines and Asia is fighting the toughest battle, colon cancer. She is the icon of democracy when she helped topple the government of Ferdinand Marcos in a bloodless revolution. She was diagnosed of colon cancer last year and now she refused to undergo more chemotherapy and medical treatment. The family is with her in the hospital. She is the widow of the late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

This is the news:

MANILA, Philippines—The cancer-stricken Corazon Aquino has been moved from the intensive care unit to a regular room of Makati Medical Center and has refused to undergo another cycle of chemotherapy, her spokesperson Deedee Siytangco said Wednesday night.

In an earlier phone interview at 6:20 p.m., Siytangco said the former President, who is battling colon cancer, had been confined at the hospital for a week and a half because of loss of appetite, but was conscious.

“Her whole family is with her now. She’s in serious condition but we’re hoping for the best,” Siytangco said.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Richard Gordon is joining the GMA party Lakas Kampi if

Richard "Dick" Gordon announced that he is going to join the administration party only if the latter would choose the presidential nominee based on qualifications, integrity and track record. That means he? Ahem.

He is known to have political ambition but his name does not rank in the surveys.

This is the excerpt of the news:

MANILA, Philippines -- Senator Richard Gordon said he was willing to join the administration party Lakas-Kampi CMD so long as its standard bearer for 2010 would be chosen based on qualification, not on performance in opinion surveys.

Gordon, who is reportedly eyeing the presidency, claimed former president Fidel Ramos offered him to join the party.

“If Lakas chooses the most qualified, the one with strong qualifications, with a strong track record, with integrity, one who can do good for the country, I will join, but I will bring Bagumbayan with me,” he said in Filipino.

“If they can make someone win because of his track record, because he can motivate people, has integrity, and that is the basis [for choosing the standard bearer], we can join,” he said.

Gordon said he would turn down the offer to join Lakas-Kampi-CMD if it would be using survey results in choosing its standard bearer.

Gordon's name has not appeared in surveys for possible presidential bets next year.

But if he would advertise on television, the senator said he would top the surveys.

“E kung papasok ka diyan tapos pera-pera ulit, hindi tama yun [If it all boils down to money, that’s not right,” he said.