Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bush is Silent on Tibet Crackdown

dalai lama

While Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, the two Democratic presidential contenders, issued strong criticisms of China, Bush remained silent on Tibet crackdown. He's also determined to go to Beijing Olympics to support the athletes.

Here is an excerpt from New York Times.

WASHINGTON — China’s violent crackdown on protesters in Tibet is having powerful political reverberations in Washington, where the White House is weighing how far to go in condemning the Chinese government, even as it defends President Bush’s decision to attend the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Mr. Bush has long said the United States and China have “a complex relationship,” and that complexity was on full display this week. While his administration has called for an end to the violence, and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, phoned her Chinese counterpart to urge restraint, Mr. Bush himself has remained silent.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's Clinton's Mac Cain's passport files accessed

What do these State Department Employees up to when they snooped through the files of Obama,Clinton and McCain?

Here is the exceprt of the news from MSNBC.

WASHINGTON - State Department employees snooped through the passport files of three presidential candidates — Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain — and the department's inspector general is investigating.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the violations of McCain and Clinton's passport files were not discovered until Friday, after officials were made aware of the unauthorized access of Obama's records and a separate search was conducted.


Blackmail for Greencard

Immigrants who hope to enjoy permanent residence and ultimately the much coveted citizenship become victims of immigration agents who do not ask for money but for sex.

Read this story about a Colombian wife of an American citizen.

No problems so far, the immigration agent told the American citizen and his 22-year-old Colombian wife at her green card interview in December. After he stapled one of their wedding photos to her application for legal permanent residency, he had just one more question: What was her cellphone number?

The calls from the agent started three days later. He hinted, she said, at his power to derail her life and deport her relatives, alluding to a brush she had with the law before her marriage. He summoned her to a private meeting. And at noon on Dec. 21, in a parked car on Queens Boulevard, he named his price — not realizing that she was recording everything on the cellphone in her purse.

“I want sex,” he said on the recording. “One or two times. That’s all. You get your green card. You won’t have to see me anymore.”

She reluctantly agreed to a future meeting. But when she tried to leave his car, he demanded oral sex “now,” to “know that you’re serious.” And despite her protests, she said, he got his way.

The 16-minute recording, which the woman first took to The New York Times and then to the Queens district attorney, suggests the vast power of low-level immigration law enforcers, and a growing desperation on the part of immigrants seeking legal status. The aftermath, which included the arrest of an immigration agent last week, underscores the difficulty and danger of making a complaint, even in the rare case when abuse of power may have been caught on tape


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather Mills is richer by $48.6 million dollars after the divorce

She did not get what she demanded, 30 million as divorce settlement but she is far richer before she married Paul McCartney with $ 48.6 million.

Aside from that money, her child will be receiving $70,000 a year.

Here is the excerpt of the news.

Mills has complained that the tabloid press treats her "worse than a murderer." One paper immediately claimed it had run an instant poll showing that 90 percent of Britons believed Mills got too much money in the settlement.

McCartney, whose first wife, Linda McCartney, died of breast cancer in 1998, declined to comment on the case on Monday.

Mills has been largely out of the public eye for months except for her appearance last year on the American TV show "Dancing With the Stars." But after court Monday, she stood before the cameras and let rip with a stream-of-consciousness monologue that was sometimes hard to follow.

She trashed McCartney's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, who represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana. She said Shackleton "has called me many, many names."

She said the name-calling came "before even meeting me when I was in a wheelchair." Mills's left leg was amputated below the knee after a 1993 motorcycle accident. It was unclear how exactly that factored into her treatment by Shackleton.

She said the trial judge, Hugh Bennett, had calculated McCartney's net worth at about $800 million dollars, when "everybody knows" it is actually twice that much. She also mocked the judge's conclusion that she and McCartney never lived together until their June 2002 wedding; she said they had been living together since March 2000.